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We supply special wear-steels, cast iron, and heat-resistant alloys.
High quality standards, after-sales service, our flexibility and fast deliveries are our strengths.


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Compressed Air Solutions for Your Industry

Our lost wax investment casting products ranged from grams to kilograms (usually less than 25kg). The casting materials include carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, and other metal alloys. Meanwhile, we have our own CNC machining workshop, where we can make wax-pattern molding and subsequent machining of casting blanks to meet customers’ one-stop requirements.

If you have a metal part that needs to be customized, either for prototype or mass production, contact us now and immediately take advantage of our services.

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BLASTER​ Air Cannon

VSR – top quality in industrial engineering products and solutions

VSR BLASTER® industrial air cannons for pneumatic elimination of blockages and/or build-ups in silos, bunkers, tanks and heaps, as well as for prevention of depositing and caking in hot and cold areas.

  • Elimination of hopper build-up, chimney deposits and bridging in storage and movement of bulk materials in silos, bunkers and heaps
  • Prevention of deposits in chutes, hoppers and feeding lines
  • Elimination of deposits and combustion residue in cyclone pre-heaters, in combustion plants and on heat exchanger surfaces
  • Special solutions 

Our engineering makes the difference 

The high quality of the product, continuous improvement and the custom configuration of air cannon systems have guaranteed the highest degree of effectiveness for over 40 years.

The VSR BLASTER® industrial air cannon releases a massive impulse ( compressed quantity of air) in critical material zones. Specially designed nozzles will create different types of cleaning effects. The pulsing energy that is released breaks down material build-ups, wherein the air fluidises formerly critical zones in a targeted manner. Material discharge problems or transport difficulties will be eliminated and deposits can be removed.

The high effectiveness of the VSR BLASTER® industrial air cannons is based on the optimal combination of coordinated components.
A minimum piston chamber ventilation duration is achieved with a specially developed quick-release valve. This configuration, combined with the ratio of the piston surface to the discharge cross-section, guarantees rapid opening and an unimpeded release of compressed air from the vessel.
Therefore, the pressure tanks of all VSR BLASTER® sizes are emptied in milliseconds.
A baffle plate on the rear end of the piston dampens the impact. The piston is returned to its original position by a return spring immediately after the air cannon is triggered, which prevents material from penetrating into the tank.


The well-engineered concept of the VSR BLASTER® system reduces installation costs and protects system components. 
Filling and control take place pneumatically with only one line (DN 6). The control valves are housed in a switch cabinet to protected them from negative influences like dust, heat and/or moisture.


The intelligent design of the VSR BLASTER® industrial air canons enables maintenance of all components while still installed.
This applies to both available versions: the system with integrated valve (=IV) and the system with external valve (=EV).
The same accessory parts (pistons, seals, etc.) are used for both systems.