Compressed Air System

BOGE Screw and Piston Air Compressor


Headquartered in the German city of Bielefeld, BOGE is a family-run firm that combines the
principle of dynamic growth with the customer-oriented values of a medium-sized company. BOGE
goal for the future is to continue employing sustainable, long-term strategies and acting as an
always-accessible point of contact for our customers. BOGE stands for intelligent engineering,
forward-thinking solutions and quality, custom-made in Germany.

Reliable, clean compressed air – BOGE’s trademark for more than 110 years. The quality and efficiency of BOGE compressors and compressed air solutions have led to enjoy the trust of over 100,000 users in 120 different countries. As a worldwide leading provider, BOGE has stayed true to its roots. The German city of Bielefeld has been the headquarters of BOGE family owned and led company since its founding in 1907, with around 430 of our 800 employees based here.

BOGE’s wide product range includes:

  • Screw compressors – made-to-measure from 2.2 to 355 kW
  • Medical Compressed Air Systems
  • Piston compressors – as varied as the demands on them
  • Scroll Compressors
  • Compressed Air Treatment

All BOGE machines in Pakistan are backed by our unparalleled 24/7 after sales service.For details, please contact us.

FS-ELLIOT Centrifugal Air Compressor

Your Compressed Air Solutions Partner

Centrifugal Compressors

Trouble-free operation, with the lowest cost of ownership.

FS-Elliott is a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of oil-free, centrifugal compressors with operations in over 90 countries. Building on a 50-year tradition of excellence,FS-Elliott combined an unwavering commitment to quality with the desire for advancing technology to bring value to the customers, allowing them to increase their productivity and lower system operating costs.