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Compressed Air Systems

Kiln Burners

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Pneumatic cylinders

Pneumatic tie-rod medium-duty cylinders – R series
Pneumatic mill-duty cylinders - EM 02 series
Pneumatic threaded cylinders - T series
Tie-rod light-duty cylinders – L series

Hydraulic cylinders

Electrohydraulic cylinders – EH series
Heavy-duty tie-rod ISO metric cylinders - IHM & TV series
Heavy-duty tie-rod NFPA cylinders - N series
Hydraulic threaded cylinders - T series
Large-bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders – G series
Medium-duty hydraulic tie-rod NFPA cylinders – R series
Mill-duty hydraulic cylinders – imperial EM series
Mill-duty hydraulic cylinders – metric IM series


Introducing the new X3 motor

Think all variable piston motors are created equal? Think again. Introducing the Eaton X3 plug-in variable piston motor. With the most compact package on the market, the X3 motor is designed for mobile applications where every millimeter matters.

Aerospace hydraulic motors

Bent axis motor

Inline motor

High speed hydraulic motors

High-torque motors


With one of the most expansive offerings of hydraulic pumps on the market, Eaton delivers unmatched functionality and durability for a variety of industrial, mobile, aerospace and military ground system applications.

Aerospace hydraulic pumps

Aerospace fuel pumps

Mobile pumps

Industrial pumps


MATCO can look back on decades of experience in valve technology. Over the years, the permanent expansion of the individual valve designs has resulted in an extremely extensive and complete product range that enables almost all possibilities for designing hydraulic systems – stationary or mobile. Whether directional spool valves, directional poppet valves, pressure valves, flow valves or check valves as screw-in valves, insert valves, stackable valves, subplate and in-line mounted valves – we have the right valve for your system.

Directional valves

Pressure valves

Flow valves

Check valves

Proportional valves

Slip-in cartridge valves (logics)

Spare parts valves

Coaxial valves

Control valves


This includes all hydropneumatic accumulators, from bladder accumulators and piston accumulators to diaphragm accumulators and now also the metal bellows accumulators for further fields of application.
Thanks to a continuous expansion of the individual models, an optimised range of accumulators was developed over the years, supplemented by gas- and fluid-side accumulator safeguards such as temperature fuse plugs, burst discs, gas safety valves and additional accessories.